Hardwoods Floors Decoration

Hardwoods floors offer an unrivaled splendor that makes decorating with them seem a bit daunting. Hardwood flooringnormally accounts for a significant portion of any decorating budget. So, you will want to incorporate the flooring into the design while showcasing some of your existing pieces. A few aspects should be considered when choosing a hardwood floor.

What is the design look that you picture for your room? The species and finish of the hardwood you select can set the atmosphere for your whole room. If you prefer a more traditional style for your space, oak and ash are popular picks. Their grains are classic and timeless and they come in a variety of stains and finishes. Those who gravitate toward modern or contemporary styles will appreciate the smooth, almost monochromatic look of maple or the unusual pattern of an exotic hardwood found in ourLifestyle Collection. If your style is more cozy and rustic, you might want to consider hickory or cherry hardwoods. Finally for a worldly approach to a space, walnut is a great wood-type to consider.

Finish is the next aspect of design to consider.  Armstrong offers its hardwood floors in a huge array of finishes and stains.  If you prefer contrasts, then consider a dark finish on your floors with light furniture or vice versa.  You can also try to match your floors to other elements in your room.  For a modern look, think about an ultra-sleek, high gloss, dark stained floor.  Traditionalists will want rich colors like mahogany or honey hues.  Rustic lovers will be drawn towards antiqued or even hand-scraped hardwoods  in a variety of colors.

No matter what your design preferences, Armstrong has a selection of hardwood flooring that will match the look you are achieving. Find a flooring store to get your project started.