Decorating with Patterned Flooring

When redesigning a space, don’t let the flooring take a backseat when it comes to making decorating decisions. Here are some patterned flooring ideas that make a room stand out.

Patterned Flooring Ideas

Stone and slate patterns – The stylish elegance of stone and slate is easy to bring home in luxury vinyl tile. Incredible realism is achieved in the random clefts, mineral veining, and scale variations that look just like what you find in nature, but without the cold, hard qualities of natural stone. This patterned flooring option also has a gently textured surface that accentuates its distinctive look and feel.

Nature-inspired stone and slate laminate floors – Laminate stone floors have remarkable patterns that will fool any eye, yet are more affordable than authentic stone. Just like luxury vinyl tile, laminate is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and is easy to clean and maintain. For the DIYer, laminate flooring is designed with Lock&Fold® technology for easy installation in any room.

Wood patterned flooring – Hardwood floors are timeless and enduring. Since the purchase of hardwood flooring is a large investment, you may not want to take a big design risk – and you don’t have to. The beautiful patterns found in the natural grain of many wood species will give you just the right accent. Native hardwoods like hickoryand walnut have light and dark patterns. Curly figuring is common to cherry and maple;  and the striated grain of exotic tigerwood is striking and sophisticated.

You can also get the look of traditional or exotic hardwood in laminate. You’ll find hundreds of patterned flooring styles to enhance your home, including many withhand-scraped textures.

Checkerboard & medallions – Add interest under your feet with a checkerboard floor. Maybe it’s the classic black & white pattern that always creates an elegant backdrop or consider using a creative mix of any two shades. Using floor medallions and accent borders of contrasting colors is another way to create an eye-catching pattern on the floor.