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Hardwoods Floors Decoration

Hardwoods floors offer an unrivaled splendor that makes decorating with them seem a bit daunting. Hardwood flooringnormally accounts for a significant portion of any decorating budget. So, you will want to incorporate the flooring into the design while showcasing some of your existing pieces. A few aspects should be considered when choosing a hardwood floor.

What is the design look that you picture for your room? The species and finish of the hardwood you select can set the atmosphere for your whole room. If you prefer a more traditional style for your space, oak and ash are popular picks. Their grains are classic and timeless and they come in a variety of stains and finishes. Those who gravitate toward modern or contemporary styles will appreciate the smooth, almost monochromatic look of maple or the unusual pattern of an exotic hardwood found in ourLifestyle Collection. If your style is more cozy and rustic, you might want to consider hickory or cherry hardwoods. Finally for a worldly approach to a space, walnut is a great wood-type to consider.

Finish is the next aspect of design to consider.  Armstrong offers its hardwood floors in a huge array of finishes and stains.  If you prefer contrasts, then consider a dark finish on your floors with light furniture or vice versa.  You can also try to match your floors to other elements in your room.  For a modern look, think about an ultra-sleek, high gloss, dark stained floor.  Traditionalists will want rich colors like mahogany or honey hues.  Rustic lovers will be drawn towards antiqued or even hand-scraped hardwoods  in a variety of colors.

No matter what your design preferences, Armstrong has a selection of hardwood flooring that will match the look you are achieving. Find a flooring store to get your project started.



Is the vinyl floor in your kitchen looking a little outdated? Maybe you’ve been thinking of replacing the carpet in the family room with a hardwood or laminate floor. Purchasing a new floor is a big decision that needs careful consideration and pre-planning. So, where do you start? First, choose a flooring type. We have several types of flooring that we offer, including hardwood, laminate, and resilient vinyl flooring.

Once you’ve decided on a flooring type, the next step is to think about the room where your new floor will be installed. This is an important part of the process because you want to make sure the floor fits your lifestyle and your budget.



  • Which room?
  • Amount of traffic?
  • Do you have pets? (Some floors are more “pet friendly” than others.)
  • On which level will you be installing the floor? (Basement, first floor, second floor, attic)
  • Does the room get a lot of moisture?

Room Decor

  • Does the flooring you want match your decorating style? You don’t want to install a new floor and then realize you’re going to spend more money redecorating – unless that’s the plan.


  • Is your subfloor concrete?
  • Does your subfloor have to be replaced?


Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to create a budget. You can either do it yourself or get professional help.

  • Use the Project Estimator tool. Armstrong offers a helpful online tool to help you estimate flooring prices and other related costs of your flooring project for both professional and do-it-yourself installations.
  • Get an in-home estimate by a professional. Professional floor installers or contractors will come to your home to assess your design plan and provide a written estimate.


Don’t be afraid of the dark when it comes to decorating with dark wood floors. Although deeper shades may seem intimidating, they’re actually easy to incorporate into almost any décor. Today’s interior stylists use dark colors as neutrals to establish mood and set the tone for their design concepts. Use the tips below to create a custom look by taking advantage of the dramatic elegance of dark wood floors.

Tips for decorating with dark wood floors

Balance light and dark – Darker hardwood floors attract the eye and can overpower lighter-colored objects, upsetting the sense of balance. Create harmony in rooms with dark wood floors by repeating the color elsewhere. For example, in a room with light-colored furniture on a coffee or Wenge hardwood floors, accessorize with picture frames, pillows or lamps in the same rich brown shade as the floor.

Soak up the shine –a high-gloss, dark wood floor acts as a mirror to reflect your other furnishings. A glossy dark floor will also give your room a greater sense of depth.

Coordinating design styles – Dark wood floors work well for every interior style. In a room with a modern style, the clean, simple lines of metal and white leather furniture look great with several floors from our Instyle Oaks collection.

Over-the-top colors that pop – Pale accent colors such as lavender, peach or mint soften the look of an interior with dark wood floors, while bold, bright shades contrast sharply, creating a unique living space. For an even stronger color statement, choose brightly painted furniture to accompany your dark wood flooring.

Go ahead and dare to decorate with dark colored hardwood floors. Their freshness and sophistication will make your home look so fabulous, you’ll never fear the dark again!


The warmth and enduring beauty that oak floor boards bring to a room creates a welcoming environment in your home. Oak’s appeal starts with its open and well-defined grain that is often marked by dark, tight knots and intricate burls. Natural oak ranges in color from light to a medium brown, with red oak floor boards showing greater color variation. White oak tends to look lighter and more uniform in color and pattern, yet both types of oak, red and white, darken with age and exposure to sun.

Adding to its timeless look, oak is a strong, durable wood. Red oak is the industry’s benchmark for comparing the relative hardness of different wood species, although white oak is slightly harder. Whether you choose red or white oak floor boards, you’re assured of a durable floor that not only complements many different room designs, but that can stand up to an active household.

It’s easy to see why our  Instyle Oaks collection ranks as one of the most popular flooring options. Below are the different ways you can incorporate oak floor boards into your home.

Enjoy a variety of options in oak floor boards

Whether you love the lived-in look of hand-scraped hardwood, the rustic artistry of wide plank, or the traditional beauty of narrow strip boards, you’ll find a style of oak floor boards to match your tastes.

Engineered oak hardwood flooring offers all the design features of solid hardwood, but with a special construction that delivers more stability and resistance to moisture. Choose engineered oak floor boards for most rooms including basements, rooms with uneven subfloors, or if you live in a region with consistently higher humidity.

Budget-friendly laminate flooring looks like the real thing with the same distinctive grain and depth of texture seen in authentic oak floor boards. You’ll even find the same looks, such as wide plank and hand-scraped options. And laminate oak floor boards are not only durable, they’re easy to install yourself.

Oak floor boards make a beautiful addition to any room and the variety of options available let you create a look that’s all your own.